Sharp Unveils an Adorable Robot Smartphone

The latest phone from Sharp might remind you more of C-3PO from Star Wars than the iPhone. ThatEUs because the RoboHon is part mobile phone, part tiny robot. The design of the unusual device is sure to appeal to children and, given their penchant for adding robots to everything, the Japanese public in general. The RoboHon is scheduled to go on sale in the first half of 2016.

Sharp seems to be hoping that the smiling little robot is able to connect with users in a deeper, more emotional way than the traditional Android and iPhone handsets. Calling RoboHon (a combination of the words robot and phone) a EUheart-moving phone,EU Sharp is playing up the deviceEUs emotive features.

EURoboHon is a phone you have never seen before. A phone in human shape," according to Sharp. "A phone that you feel like talking to. A phone that also wants to know you. DonEUt you want to take RoboHon with you everywhere?EU

Advanced Voice Recognition

Although the teaser video on SharpEUs RoboHon Web site shows young professionals toting the robots around in their breast pockets and using them to field calls and text messages, the phoneEUs toy-like appearance and childish voice indicate that the company does not exactly have high-powered executives in mind as its core market.

But despite the cutesy body, which can move both its arms and legs and is capable of sitting and walking, RoboHon also comes packed with a number of impressive features. The phone can read messages to the user aloud, understand natural language commands, and respond to messages with a voice-to-text feature.

It also has a calendar function that allows it to verbally remind users of events scheduled throughout the day, and can accept spoken commands to add other reminders, such as shopping lists. Although the little robot...

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