Sensel Unveils Morph, a Pressure Sensitive Touchpad

Mountain View, Calif. startup Sensel has undertaken a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of a pressure sensitive pad that the company is betting can be a greatly improved input device.

The Sensel Morph is about the size of an iPad and has more than 20,000 sensors. The device can translate the detail, speed, expression, and power of touch with a level of precision far superior to swiping on a tablet surface, according to the company.

Ilya Rosenberg, CEO and co-founder of Sensel, said that the device was borne of his frustration with the limitations of computer interfaces. He felt that other users shared the frustration of not being able to transfer the nuances of human touch to a screen via keyboards, mice and early touchscreens.

Extra Sensitive

In addition to fingers and styli, the Sensel Morph can detect any object or creative tool, including paintbrushes and drum sticks. It can be used with optional magnetic, flexible and customizable overlays that turn devices into the instrument or tool that the user chooses.

The deviceEUs sensors feel pressure that translates into a high-resolution image of the pressure applied. Algorithms on the device take the pressure images and turn them into a list of touch locations, each with its own force and shape information.

Sensel is also releasing a series of overlays, including a QWERTY keyboard, an MPC-style MIDI controller, a piano and a drum pad. Another of the overlays is a translucent device that lets users design, print and use their own custom interfaces.

Users will also have access to a range of open source application programming interfaces created by other users, with the ability to load a new interface with a single click. The company said new interfaces and overlays will be released in the future. For now, itEUs using the fundraising...

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