Segway Unveils Transforming Robot You Can Ride

If hoverboards were the big thing in 2015, this year might just become the year of the transforming robot. And the company that brings it to us may be Segway. Better known for its iconic personal transportation vehicle beloved by mall security guards and walking tour companies,

Segway introduced an autonomous robot called the Segway Advanced Personal Robot this week at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. The robot is the result of a collaboration between Segway, Intel, and Xiaomi, a Chinese tech company. Xiaomi was one of the investors that contributed to $80 million in financing that Segway raised last year when it was acquired by its Chinese competitor Ninebot.

Transform and Roll Out

The new robot looks more like an average hoverboard than a Segway. In fact, the base model is just a robotic head attached to the center pole of the hoverboard the company released after it had been acquired. The company said the new device was ?EU?a Segway that sees the world and a robot that gives you a ride.?EU?

Although details are still a bit sketchy, the company described the robot as a hoverboard that you can ride, and that can then follow behind you once you get off. It can also accept voice commands and features a number of physical extensions that can be added to increase its functionality, such as robotic arms.

The result is something of a robot butler that can carry items while it's following you, or complete autonomous tasks, a bit like a version of Star Wars?EU? BB-8 app-enable droid that you can ride.

3D Tracking and Following

The company seems to be still exploring the different use cases and applications for the new platform; it plans to release a developer edition in the third quarter of this year complete with a full...

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