Securing a Safe Transition to the Cloud

It's no secret that devices are becoming ever more intelligent. New business models, technologies, trends, and developments including big data, the internet of things, and cloud computing mean data security requirements have changed. Twenty years ago, firewalls were the ultimate in security.

Now though, they are an ever smaller component of security strategies. For example, the moment a company considers deploying a cloud solution they must also think about secure integration and operation, and of course the security of the software solution itself. After all, nobody wants to lose control over important business data.

Before, everything was stored on a mainframe in a locked room. But with increasing interconnection of companies and business models, more and more IT and manufacturing systems are wired up to the internet, making them easy targets for hackers. The more companies invest in cloud applications, the greater the need for solutions that protect these fundamentally new infrastructures.

An interesting question, for example, is where should a company?EU?s data be stored? This is an important issue, especially in an era of smart manufacturing. It is part of the reason why mid-size companies hesitated for a long time before deploying cloud solutions. Today it makes even more sense to bring in a strategic technology partner as cloud vendors often have higher security standards than most companies have for storing their own data.

Without the cloud, many business models would be unattainable for companies, such as digital farming and intelligent transportation systems, and of course, smart manufacturing. Every new use of technology inevitably raises new security issues.

Platforms Bring Flexibility and Security

One way of going digital without compromising on security is the platform-as-a-service model which creates a safe environment for customers to develop and operate cloud solutions from vendors or even their own solutions. Some of the security measures that...

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