Seagate Intros 10 TB Helium-Filled Hard DIsk Drive

To meet the rapidly growing storage demands of cloud-based data centers, data storage company Seagate Technology is introducing its first 10 TB hard disk drive, the Seagate Enterprise 3.5 Capacity HDD. While the drive features a standard 3.5-inch CMR (communications riser cable) design, it also offers a unique element: a helium-enclosed environment to reduce friction and noise.

Among the first customers to begin using the new Seagate HDD are China-based networking and telecommunications giant Huawei and the Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group.

According to recent data from the Synergy Research Group, demand for cloud-based services and technologies grew by 28 percent in 2015, reaching a total market value of $110 billion. Coupled with rapid growth in both structured and unstructured data, the expansion of cloud computing is fueling an increased need for data storage devices such as those made by Seagate.

Sealed in Helium for Quiet Operations

"Cloud-based data center storage needs are expanding faster than many current infrastructures can sustain, rendering the capacity demands of users a herculean task for cloud managers," said Mark Re, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Seagate, in a statement. "Built on our years of research and development of sealed-drive technology, our new helium-based enterprise drive is designed precisely to help data-centric organizations worldwide solve the needs of their growing storage business."

The 10 TB Seagate Enterprise 3.5 Capacity HDD features seven platters and 14 heads sealed in helium for a "turbulence-free, quiet environment," according to Seagate. The technology delivers what the company said are the lowest power-to-terabyte ratios and weight specifications currently available for a 10 TB HDD.

The new hard disk drive also provides 25 percent more storage density, which enables users to "dramatically increase petabytes per rack," Seagate said.

As the company's first helium-based HDD, the new drive will help...

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