Samsung To Make ‘See Through’ Trucks for Safety

Earlier this month, Samsung showed off a new OLED screen, with a wow factor of appearing to be see-through. What's cool in electronics, though, could be life-saving on the road. The company said a similar video technology on large trucks could help reduce accidents involving passing cars.

The technology, which Samsung calls the Safety Truck, uses a wireless camera at the front of a tractor-trailer to relay images of the road ahead to an array of video screens on the rear of the truck. The screens appear to enable motorists traveling behind to "see through" the truck to view conditions on the road ahead.

Samsung tested the technology in a real-world setting with a "local B2B client," although its prototype truck is no longer on the road. However, the company said its tests "confirm that the technology works and that this idea can definitely save the lives of many people."

The Danger of Car-Truck Encounters

The Safety Truck could eliminate the driver frustration and hazards associated with motorists trying to pass a large, slow-moving truck on a one-lane highway, according to Samsung. As an example, the company cites traffic statistics from Argentina, where a large number of accidents take place in passing situations on two-lane roads.

In addition to making it easier for drivers to decide whether it's safe to try and pass a truck, the video-screen technology could also help "reduce the risk of accidents caused by sudden braking or animals crossing the road," Samsung said.

While trucks in the U.S. have lower rates of involvement in police-reported collisions than do passenger vehicles, accidents involving trucks have higher fatality rates thanks to "basic physics" -- tractor-trailers are larger and heavier, noted a 2013 report on car-truck crashes from the American Trucking Association. The report added that "cars are involved in the...

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