Samsung Shows Off IoT, Entertainment, and Gaming Devices

"This year was a challenging year for Samsung,?EU? Tim Baxter, COO and President of Samsung Electronics America said at the company?EU?s CES 2017 presentation [Wednesday]. ?EU?So this year, yes, we are reflecting.?EU?

Samsung?EU?s focus, though, was instead on upgrades and new consumer products, most of them for the home, with greater emphasis on IoT: Samsung also announced the opening of a $150 million investment into a ?EU?NEXT Fund?EU? to sponsor device-to-device R&D, replacing the Global Innovation Center.

Samsung did not discuss any of the recall issues much that dogged it last year: ?EU?We have made significant strides since CES last year,?EU? Baxter said, across a number of consumer product sectors, especially TVs and appliances. (And, despite the Note 7, smartphones.) These devices were the ones that dominated the discussion today, with a promise to settle the discussion about last year?EU?s problems soon.

Samsung, then, mainly used the opportunity to promise it would continue upgrading existing systems, rather than come forward with any big changes or, of course, talk about the still highly secretive Galaxy S8 smartphone. The highlight was, then, the new QLED display system for TVs, which does have the potential to transform the industry, and further innovation on IoT that?EU?s probably going to become standard in the next couple of years.


IoT ?EU?guides our overall strategy,?EU? Baxter said, and promised that the company was fully committed to building a new ecosystem for these devices, in every home appliance category, from smart TVs and smartwatches to the kitchen and laundry rooms.

?EU?We?EU?re making big, bold bets in IoT, billions in next generation technology,?EU? Baxter said, singling out Viv Labs, Joyent, and HARMAN, the latter to develop more automotive applications. Unfortunately, though, Samsung didn?EU?t really discuss any new car tech.

John Herrington, Senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics America, discussed the new family hub [pictured above]...

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