Samsung Says Galaxy S7 Phones Are Safe

Despite a recent report about a Galaxy S7 smartphone exploding in a Canadian man's hands, Samsung has said in a statement that it stands behind the safety of its devices.

Concerns about overheating in another Samsung phone could have the potential to create another black eye for the South Korean electronics giant in the wake of the disastrous release and subsequent recall of the Galaxy Note 7 just a few months ago.

"Samsung stands behind the quality and safety of the Galaxy S7 family," the company said in a statement Friday. "There have been no confirmed cases of internal battery failures with these devices among the more than 10 million devices being used by consumers in the United States; however, we have confirmed a number of instances caused by severe external damage. Until Samsung is able to obtain and examine any device, it is impossible to determine the true cause of any incident."

Report of Exploding Galaxy S7

Released to high acclaim in August, the Galaxy Note 7 was intended to be another star in Samsung's lineup of premium smartphones. It was also the company's first major phone release since the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge arrived in the U.S. market in March.

However, Samsung's hopes for the Galaxy Note 7 were quickly dashed as reports began coming in from around the globe of fires connected to battery overheating. The company first offered a replacement program for defective devices, but after some replacements also caught fire, the company issued a recall and suspended production of the Note 7.

Last week's statement about the safety of the Galaxy S7 line was issued several days after Canada's Winnipeg Sun newspaper reported on a local man who said his hands were burned after his device exploded. According to the paper, Amarjit Mann said he...

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