Samsung Reportedly Finished Note 7 Battery Investigation

A recent report suggests that the Samsung Note 7 fiasco might finally be over, as the company has now completed its investigations and has turned over its findings to a third party testing lab like Korea Testing Laboratory and UL.

The report from Korea based The Investor did not reveal any information on what Samsung discovered during its Note 7 battery examination. The company previously indicated that it would release its findings to the public before the end of 2016. However, according to a third party teardown of the Note 7, the phone's design did not allow for enough internal space for the large battery. This might have lead to a pressure build up inside the phone, which could be why some of them caught fire and exploded.

On the other hand, when Samsung does release the results of its findings, the company is sure to be questioned about why the phone was allowed to ship without proper testing in the first place. The issues for the phone started relatively soon after its shipping began, and since then, Samsung has stopped all sales and issued a full recall of the unit.

Samsung also claims that while they managed to get almost all of the Note 7 devices back, there are still some that are out there in the market, which will soon be rendered useless or close to unusable. Samsung will be rolling out new updates to these phones in Canada, New Zealand and Australia which will cut off Wi-Fi and cellular data. An update for Europe users will cut its battery charging power to 30 percent, and US markets will get an update that will stop charging the device completely.

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