Samsung Reportedly Developing 18.4-Inch Android Tablet

Screen sizes on smartphones and tablets have grown ever-larger over the years. Samsung is reportedly looking to continue that trend with a new Android tablet that sports an 18.4-inch display.

The new tablet, whose codename is Tahoe, will feature Samsung's Exynos 7 Octa 7580 processors and a 1920-by-x-1080-pixel resolution, according to a report today in SamMobile. A release date for the new device is uncertain.

If verified, the Tahoe would be Samsung's largest tablet to date. Currently, that title belongs to the company's line of Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro tablets, which feature 12.2-inch screens.

Even an 18.4-inch tablet would appear small in comparison to some of the largest Android tablets already on the market. Those include Nabi's Big Tab HD, which is available with either a 20-inch or 24-inch HD screen.

Tablets Combine Portability, Screen Space

We contacted Samsung to learn more about whether it's planning to release a large-screen tablet soon. However, a spokesperson responding via e-mail said only, "Samsung does not comment on speculation."

Larger screens naturally make it easier for users to "see more at once, and to see more clearly" compared to smaller-screen devices, Amy Schade, UX director and mobile expert at the Nielsen Norman Group, told us.

"While smaller devices are handy for their portability, larger devices can be more attractive for longer interactions, more complex activities, or more immersive content or experiences," Schade said. "Larger tablets can be attractive because they retain some portability while providing the screen space for more complex activities."

Making tablets that are ever-larger, however, doesn't continue to improve usability, Schade added.

"Typing on an on-screen keyboard can become more awkward as devices grow wider than physical keyboards," she said. "Another consideration is focus -- when we sit close enough to touch a large touchscreen device, it is more difficult to...

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