Samsung Offers Top Phones on 30-day, $1 Trial

Electronics giant Samsung is looking to steal some of AppleEUs thunder with its latest promotion. If you have an iPhone and a one dollar bill, you can get in on it. The company just rolled out what it calls EUThe Ultimate Test Drive.EU HereEUs how it works: For a single greenback, you can try one of the latest Samsung phones for 30 days with no obligation. ThatEUs a pretty bold offer.

EUYour test drive kit will come with the phone of your choice, an activated SIM card, and a step-by-step guide to help you start your test drive,EU Samsung said on its promotion page. EUAfter 30 days, if you buy a qualifying Samsung device, thereEUs even more love in store for you.EU

There is a catch. This is actually a rental program. If you break the phone, crack the screen, or it severely malfunctions due to water damage or some other issue, it will cost you. Specifically, youEUll be charged $100.

Will it Work?

We asked Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, for his thoughts on SamsungEUs offer. Is the company desperate? Or is this just clever marketing?

Enderle told us people are creatures of habit and the newest iPhone is now near replacement time. That puts Apple at its most vulnerable point in the cycle, he said.

EUFolks like having something new they can show off and after about 30 days they should be comfortable with Android and less likely to switch back to Apple,EU Enderle said. Of course, thereEUs no guarantee that people will like it and switch permanently and Samsung could end up with more than the expected volume of returns. But apparently, it seems like a good bet to the struggling smartphone maker.

EUThe window here is really tight because once Apple brings out the 6S or 7 this tactic...

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