Samsung Note 9 May Feature Embedded Fingerprint Sensor

The Samsung Note 8 is not here yet, but rumors of the Samsung Note 9 have already started to pop up. This time it is about the embedded fingerprint sensor, a hot topic this summer.

While Apple has called it quits for the feature to arrive on this year's iPhone, Samsung might be working on it for next year's Note 9. This comes from the prediction of analysts at KGI Securities, who released a new report on Samsung's plans for 2018. KGI is known for its accurate smartphone information, so it is worth listening to their comments on the market.

With smartphone makers crossing the hurdle of removing bezels, they were faced with the new challenge of the fingerprint scanner's placement. This is what led to the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus having their fingerprint scanners at the back of the device.

According to KGI, Apple's move means the pressure's off Samsung. In doing so it has, "no need to risk adopting under-display optical fingerprint solution in a hurry" in the words of the analysts. However, we might see the tech soon.

KGI also reports that the fingerprint sensor might be on the rear for the Samsung Galaxy S9 as well. However, it may be repositioned for a more ergonomic experience. We will know more once the phone is announced.

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