Samsung Goes Big with Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+

Boasting enhancements in materials and performance, the new Galaxy smartphones from Samsung are not only better than ever, but also bigger, according to the company. The Galaxy Note 5 (pictured left) and Galaxy S6 Edge+ (pictured right) phones were introduced at a media event in New York today.

Both models feature 5.7-inch high-definition screens, 4 GB of memory and 16-megapixel rear-facing cameras. Both also have built-in wireless charging that can get the battery to full in two hours or less, according to Samsung.

The big change in the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is screen size -- the screen of the Galaxy S6 Edge measures just 5.1 inches. Samsung was able to work in more than half an inch of extra screen size even though the actual Edge+ phone is only 5 millimeters wider than its predecessor and is also 0.1 millimeters thinner. Both phones have glass backs and metal frames, giving them different looks than previous Galaxy Note products. The devices also have wireless charging capabilities.

"The demand for larger screens is bigger than ever," Samsung President and CEO J.K. Shin said at the event. "Bigger screens are great for moving between images and important files."

Screen Not for Everyone

Do consumers see it that way, too? We reached out to independent technology analyst Jeff Kagan to get this thoughts. He told us that Samsung shouldnEUt confuse a growing demand for larger-screen devices with a consumer consensus.

"Some want a larger screen device. Some want a smaller screen device," said Kagan. "It all depends on the user and what they use the phone for. There are still lines between phones, phablets and tablets, but the marketplace is being sliced up like a pie. I don't think the line between devices and sizes will go away anytime soon, but things are heading in that general direction."

In U.S.,...

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