Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Winning Rave Reviews

With new features ranging from a security-focused iris scanner to advanced stylus support and fast wireless charging, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 -- launched earlier this month -- is earning stellar reviews. However, its star performance comes at a price: $849.99 and up.

That price tag exceeds the cost of Samsung's flagship Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, both of which were released in March. Those phones are priced at $670 and $770, respectively. Until the Galaxy Note 7 (pictured above) came out, the Galaxy S7s had been considered by numerous reviewers to be the best smartphones on the market.

Samsung said the Galaxy Note 7 was designed for productivity, but also offers cutting-edge support for virtual reality products and services. Other features touted by the company include water and dust resistance, an improved 12MP camera, expanded storage and the "sleekest and slimmest body yet."

'Glorious,' 'Remarkable' and 'Near Perfection'

"Samsung nearly achieves smartphone perfection," ZDNet said in its review of the Galaxy Note 7 today. Among the highlights ZDNet cited: an "incredible design and form factor," a "fantastic industry-leading camera" and a "stunning display with minimal bezels on all sides." And using the Note 7 s a "glorious" experience, according to The Verge.

CNET called Samsung's latest device "the sexiest large-screen phone ever," adding that "it's a real improvement over 2015's Note 5." On the downside, however, CNET noted that the Galaxy Note 7 is also "pricier than almost every other Android phone."

Ars Technica described the phone's price tag as its greatest drawback, asking, "What's the opposite of 'bang for your buck?'" An XDA report last week faulted the Galaxy Note 7 for underperforming on application launch times and other benchmarks, although days later the publication called the device "a remarkable phone for life."

One more caveat noted by several reviewers...

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