Salesforce Updates AppExchange for Smarter, Faster CRM

Today Salesforce announced its new, updated AppExchange, an online marketplace for cloud-based enterprise applications that extend the capabilities of Salesforce CRM software. Some of new AppExchange features include intelligent search, personalized recommendations, and embedded "Trailhead" learning, which we explain in further detail, below.

The AppExchange can be customized for any organization using Salesforce's customer relationship management (CRM) system. Its expanded offerings include additional Salesforce "Lightning" apps, data sources, and industry-specific solutions.

AppExchange is already a key part of the Salesforce portfolio, with 87 percent of Salesforce customers using AppExchange apps, and more than 5 million apps installed to-date. Salesforce also points out that 89 percent of the Fortune 100 companies use apps from its online exchange.

New Features, New Look and Feel

The Salesforce AppExchange now features personalized recommendations based on customer location, install history, site activity, profile data, and edition. For example, as a customer starts looking through the AppExchange, recommendations change based on the search terms used, as well as on the listings and categories that are viewed most. Then, after new apps are installed, recommendations change again, based on the collection of installed solutions, and based on behavior of other companies that have installed similar products.

The AppExchange now also features something Salesforce calls "Trailhead Learning." It's a collection of resources on best practices, skills training, and solutions for common business needs. For example, one Trailhead "trail" addresses apps and solutions on how to "Empower Managers and Agents with the Service Cloud Platform." Content includes articles, videos, and webinars on topics like, "What's Your App Stack? 6 Apps For Every Area Of Your Business."

AppExchange also includes more than 70,000 peer reviews, to help customers determine which apps are best suited for their specific needs.

Lightning Apps

In 2015, Salesforce introduced the concept of Lightning, with a set of tools to make it easier for...

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