Salesforce Ties Its CRM into Quip Productivity Suite

CRM giant Salesforce introduced several new features to its Quip productivity platform this week, including a new way to import CRM (customer relationship management) data directly into Quip documents and spreadsheets. The changes will help increase productivity and allow users to collaborate with each other more easily, according to Salesforce.

"Quip is extending the power of Salesforce with a sleek, next-generation productivity solution designed for teams -- empowering everyone across an organization with the tools they need to collaborate more effectively, work smarter and supercharge their productivity,?EU?" the company said in a statement.

The Hyper-Connected Workplace

Salesforce said Quip's new features come in response to the hyper-connected nature of the modern workplace, in which employees are forced to sort through disconnected email threads, to-do lists and applications to gather information they need while the work itself happens somewhere else.

"According to IDC, knowledge workers spend 61 percent of their workweek answering email, searching for information and communicating internally," Salesforce said. "Additionally, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates companies can raise, through new technologies, the productivity of knowledge workers by up to 25 percent."

To help achieve those numbers, the company introduced several new features to the Quip platform, including new integrations for Salesforce users, a new checklist and an improved user experience.

Importing Salesforce Data into Quip

The live data feature allows users to import CRM data from Salesforce, such as account values and service cases, to Quip documents. Once in Quip, the information automatically syncs with Salesforce. For example, with a single export, sales reps can generate forecasting spreadsheets that will be updated with the most recent Salesforce data, the company said.

The Quip Lightning component, meanwhile, enables teams to link, access and create Quip documents, spreadsheets and task lists directly from within Salesforce. This allows users to find and collaborate on documents within the...

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