Salesforce Service Cloud Adds Intelligence Twist

CRM giant Salesforce is adding a layer of intelligence to its Service Cloud that aims to use "data science" to drive smarter, more efficient customer service. Salesforce calls its new solution the "Service Cloud Intelligence Engine" and reports that it will help provide better service and an improved customer experience in today's more connected world.

The Salesforce announcement touches on the fact that everything is becoming more connected via the Internet, with more intelligent devices emerging all the time, and many devices adding self-learning capabilities. From self-driving cars and thermostats that learn optimal temperature settings -- to fitness trackers that monitor heart rates -- everything around us is getting smarter. That trend is leading to a world where over 75 billion connected devices make it possible for consumers to connect and interact at new levels.

Salesforce is closely watching how this new connected world is raising customer expectations for always-on and always-present services. Because most companies are not well-equipped to address such fast-growing consumer demand, they are at risk of falling behind the competition. On the upside, Salesforce research has found that businesses that have been able to adopt smarter approaches to customer service have posted a 91 percent greater year-over-year customer retention rate compared with their competitors who are falling behind.

Three Big Promises

So how do smarter devices and a more connected world tie in with the new Salesforce engine?

Mike Milburn, who is Senior VP and General Manager of Service Cloud at Salesforce, explains it like this: "The Service Cloud Intelligence Engine harnesses the power of data science to improve workflows [and] business processes and deliver seamless customer service across any channel."

By using analytics from business intelligence derived from the Service Cloud Intelligence Engine, companies can be better prepared to "exceed their customers' increasingly high expectations for smarter service," Milburn...

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