Salesforce Rolls Out Field Service Lightning To Boost Customer Service

A new offering from customer relationship management giant Salesforce is aimed at bringing customer service in the field into the connected, Internet-of-Things era -- something many organizations have been struggling with, according to Salesforce. Field Service Lightning provides a single platform for automated scheduling, optimized service and connecting customers, field agents, dispatchers and other employees via any device, from anywhere.

Released for general availability Tuesday, Field Service Lightning targets problem areas of customer service in the field that can lead to slower responses, higher costs and customer dissatisfaction, Salesforce said. For example, it provides workers with in-the-field access to customer information, which only 46 percent of employees currently have, according to Salesforce's recently released "2016 Connected Manufacturing Service Report."

Salesforce said Field Service Lightning is designed to work in a mobile era that's seeing more and more connected devices all the time. By harnessing all these connections companies can bring together all areas of field service to "deliver a seamless customer experience from phone to field," the company said.

'Lack of Information' Hurts Field Service

"In the era of the Internet of Things, service organizations have a tough job -- customers expect everything and anything to be connected," Mike Milburn, general manager and senior vice president of Service Cloud wrote on the Salesforce blog this week. Citing Salesforce data that shows a majority of employees can't access customer information in the field, Milburn added, "This lack of information is the #1 reason that agents have to make a return visit, leading to high costs, frustrated employees, and worst of all, unhappy customers."

Milburn said Field Service Lightning is designed to reduce such problems by providing a unified platform for better-connected, mobile and intelligent customer service in the field. This will give service employees access to customer data when they need it,...

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