Salesforce Rolls Out App Hub

Cloud CRM company Salesforce has come up with a new way to empower SMBs that want to tap into customer service strategies to drive growth. The company is billing the App Hub as a one-stop shop for SMBs to access over 50 customer-service oriented partner apps.

The apps promise to help SMBs manage functions like e-commerce, e-mail marketing, text messaging and telephony support with a single end-to-end view of the customer. The App Hub works to do away with the need to build one-off integrations. Companies like HotelTonight, SoundCloud and ZenPayroll are already using the App Hub.

EUSMB-sized firms already drive more than half of global cloud consumption, since they recognize the benefits of using low cost, effectively hosted applications,EU said Chris Chute, Vice President of SMB Cloud and Mobility Practice at IDC. EUIDC forecasts global SMB cloud revenue growth of 22 percent over the next five years, as more SMBs utilize a wider set of cloud apps. However, they will quickly realize they need cost effective ways to integrate and manage these alongside their existing environments.EU

Why Do SMBs Need This?

Salesforce always makes its pitch clear when it rolls out a new product. This time around, the company is highlighting a SMB pain point -- customer service is often disconnected from other areas of the business, which makes it difficult to get an accurate single view of the customer.

Salesforce actually points to a recent survey that reveals only 21 percent of SMBs integrate their apps without third-party help. As the companyEUs executives see it, that reality signals an industry need for a trusted and centralized location where SMBs can access apps that help them grow the business. The App Hub aims to be that location.

The App Hub features new Canvas technology that will display third-party apps directly in the...

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