Salesforce Revamps Salesforce1, Launches Silo-Free App Cloud

CRM giant Salesforce just rolled out what it is calling the next evolution of its Salesforce1 Platform. The App Cloud integrates the many platform services for which Salesforce is best known with new shared identity, data and network services.

Heroku Enterprise, Lightning, and Force are among the platforms Salesforce listed in its announcement. The idea is to give CIOs the power to deliver connected apps for any business need. App CloudEUs platform services should turn some C-suite heads, considering Salesforce is promising to offer everything the CIO needs to build apps quickly in any language they choose on any device -- and even manage them in a single enterprise cloud environment.

"CIOs need a way to develop apps for the connected world," said Tod Nielsen, executive vice president of App Cloud at Salesforce, in a statement. "App Cloud brings together all of Salesforce's leading platform services, empowering IT leaders with an integrated, trusted platform to quickly build connected apps for every business need."

Clear Evidence

Salesforce seems to have its finger on the pulse of CIO needs in a growing app economy. For example, CIOs are witnessing a strong demand from businesses to deliver apps that connect with customers, employees and even products, across every device, according to Salesforce. The company is also convinced that the lines between apps for consumer engagement, connected devices, and enterprise management are blurring.

Consider the realities of the landscape: an app can detect drivers, cars and passengers in a single connected experience. Despite these technological advances, however, CIOs are contending with siloed development platforms that canEUt produce apps that span different technical architectures and address multiple use cases. At the same time, companies have increasing requirements around compliance and governance for their entire portfolios of apps and enterprises are demanding mobile apps, Salesforce noted. These factors create...

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