Salesforce Preps New Customer Engagement Tool

CRM giant Salesforce is aiming to combine predictive analytics with CRM (customer relationship management). Its latest product, dubbed Salesforce Marketing Cloud Predictive Journeys (pictured), promises to give marketers the ability to fuse CRM and marketing data with relevant contextual data such as Web browsing activity and e-mail engagement. The objective is to allow marketers to analyze customer engagement and predict the optimal next step in a prospective customer?EU?s journey.

?EU?With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Predictive Journeys, marketers can now go beyond simply meeting customer needs, to anticipating and greeting them at the next step of their journey as they arrive,?EU? said Scott McCorkle, CEO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, in a statement.

The new platform supports real-time engagement with customers, even in situations requiring analysis of a massive volume of customer interactions, according to the company. ?EU?Marketers simply can?EU?t keep pace with every single customer and all of their interactions with a brand,?EU? Salesforce noted in a statement. Predictive Journeys, on the other hand, will provide marketers with a multi-dimensional view of the customer and include their true interests and intent, not just channel preferences, the company said.

Waze Versus Rand McNally

Salesforce described existing customer experience tools as the equivalent of the static data available in paper road maps such as those published by Rand McNally. Predictive Journeys, however, can offer dynamic information that adapts to real-time changes in the data set. The platform's two new tools Predictive Scores and Predictive Audiences can provide a ?EU?Waze-like?EU? customer experience by predicting the likelihood that a customer will take a specific action, according to Salesforce. Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app.

Predictive Scores uses data science to learn and score a customer?EU?s likelihood to engage. For example, an online retailer can use Predictive Scores to determine how likely a customer is to open an e-mail, unsubscribe...

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