Salesforce: Health Care Companies Lag in Customer Engagement Tools

With all the fitness wearables hitting the market, thereEUs still a demand for more sophisticated connected patient technologies. Salesforce's EU2015 State of the Connected PatientEU report gives us a glimpse into how consumers are interfacing with health care tech.

Salesforce surveyed over 1,700 insured patients -- adults with health insurance and primary care doctors -- to reveal what it describes as EUserious inefficienciesEU in how technology is being used to drive more connected care.

"The Affordable Care Act encourages health care providers to use technology to better connect with patients and modernize the health system,EU said Todd Pierce, senior vice president of Healthcare for Salesforce. EUBut this data shows that patients and doctors are still using tried-and-true ways of communicating, like phone, mail and in-person visits. We are really at the starting line of connected health."

Late to the Digital Party

The deadline is approaching for citizens to enroll in the Affordable Care Act -- a law that actually encourages providers and payers to modernize care using technology. Yet the Salesforce report found less than 10 percent of insured patients are using the Web, e-mail or text messages to set up appointments. WhatEUs more, 40 percent of insured patients donEUt even communicate with their physicians about managing preventive care, like diet, exercise and regular health screenings.

On top of this is the challenge that insured patients ages 18 to 34 -- known as millennials -- actually want to use new tech to enhance health care collaboration with primary care physicians. The Salesforce survey found 60 percent of millennials support the use of telehealth options to eliminate in-person visits and 71 percent would like to have their providers use mobile apps to book appointments, share health data and manage preventive care. This is an important revelation, given that the preferences and habits of this demographic influence...

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