Salesforce Boosts Analytics Cloud Mobile App

CRM giant Salesforce unveiled updates to its Analytics Cloud on Thursday that it says will fuel the next wave of mobile innovation. With the new updates, users will be able to import and analyze new data sources, build entirely new dashboards and share insights in just seconds from their phones.

In addition, a free "playground" version of the Analytics Cloud was released for desktop and mobile devices. With that product, users can employ Analytics Cloud using their own imported data or a variety of preloaded data sets.

Conquering Mobile

Analytics Cloud, which is powered by the Wave Platform, is the first analytics solution built to serve mobile business users, according to Salesforce. Since the launch of Analytics Cloud in November, more than half of all Analytics Cloud queries have come from mobile devices.

We reached out to Anna Rosenman, director of product marketing for Salesforce Analytics Cloud, who told us the goal with the updates is to bring the power of Analytics Cloud to mobile settings.

"Mobile has been the Achilles heel of analytics," Rosenman said. "Legacy solutions were traditionally complex and time-consuming, meaning that answers were only accessible by an analyst and through a desktop. Our new Analytics Cloud mobile innovations transform this paradigm by replacing unnecessary complexity with a simplified, intuitive experience. Now, everyone can import and explore any data, build dashboards, and embed analytics right into where they take action -- all on their phone."

Compatible With Data

One of the updates, the Wave Mobile Connector, lets a user import a raw data file, such as a CSV file, into the Analytics Cloud mobile app with a single tap. A sales manager who receives an inventory forecast spreadsheet from a supplier as an e-mail attachment will be able to import it into the Analytics Cloud mobile app, explore it as dynamic charts...

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