RSA Conference Opens Feb. 29 with Focus on Today’s Security Crises

Set to kick off Monday, the 25th annual RSA Conference on information security in San Francisco will see speakers and attendees focus on an array of fast-evolving and ever-more-pervasive cybersecurity threats. That focus is reflected in the theme of this year's event: "Connect to Protect."

That theme underscores the growing importance of different sectors working together to protect the security of information technologies and networks, according to RSA Conferences director and general manager Linda Gray.

It's also bound to be an area of significant discussion and debate, in light of current cybersecurity developments such as the legal battle over iPhone encryption taking place between Apple and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

"Over the last few years, we have moved our thematic vision from historical events to a higher level message of collaboration meant to bridge what can be -- at times -- a very divided industry," Gray noted in the introduction to this year's conference program. "Today, RSA Conference promotes connections not only among the information security community, but also between IT and other parts of the enterprise, private and public sectors, and the past, present and future."

From AI to 'El Chapo'

As people and things becoming increasingly interconnected, the nature and scale of security threats are evolving as well, and the range of speakers set to hit the stage during this year's RSA Conference reflects that fact.

Among this year's keynote speakers are Admiral Michael Rogers, U.S. Navy Commander and director of U.S. Cyber Command; Michael Brown, president and CEO of the IT security firm Symantec; Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMWare; and Christopher Young, senior vice president and general manager for Intel Security Group.

Nick Bostrom, a professor of philosophy at the University of Oxford and director of the Future of Humanity Institute, is scheduled to talk about the "profound...

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