Review: Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch

I recently got the chance to try out Samsung's latest smartwatch -- the Gear S3. Being a fan of wearables, I was excited to give the Samsung Gear S3 a shot, and here is what I think of it.


I absolutely love traditional watches. The more a smartwatch looks like a real classic watch, the happier I am, and with the Gear S3 Classic [pictured above], Samsung has nailed it with the design. The watch comes has a very simplistic design with a round face measuring around 1.3 inches. The dial has laser cut markings to mimic the design of a traditional watch, which is also complemented by the two buttons on the right side resembling the crowns. The dial also rocks the famous rotating bezel introduced on the Gear S2 that allows you to flip through pages, menus or scroll through articles. The right side of the watch also houses the speaker while the heart rate sensor expectedly sits at the bottom of the Gear S3.

Beware those of you with slim wrists, this watch isn't for you. Due to its sheer size, the Samsung Gear S3 will not suit someone with a slim wrist, but lucky for me, the size of wrist isn't a problem to rock the Gear S3.

One of the best parts of the Samsung Gear S3 is that it is compatible with almost any 22mm strap, which is something you might do pretty quickly. The strap that the Samsung Gear S3 Classic comes with is made out of stiff leather, a material that might not gel well with everyone. Going for a walk outside in the sun, or even sweating while wearing the Samsung Gear S3 can cause irritations due to the strap.

Samsung decided not to fix what isn't broke, and left the charger similar to the...

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