Review: Samsung Gear Fit Geared for Exercise

An uncomfortable design, a steep price and a lack of features make Samsung's Gear Fit a device users should avoid. Along with two new smartwatches, the Gear Fit is one of three wearable gadgets Samsung began selling this month. The device is designed for owners to keep track of their health and fitness while also being able to check for any notifications they receive on their Samsung smartphones.

At $199, the Gear Fit is one of the priciest fitness wearable devices. For the price, the Gear Fit, unlike its rivals, comes with a heart rate sensor -- the key feature to the device.

The sensor, a tiny LED light located on the underside of the device, allows users to quickly check their heart rate while they're in the middle of a workout.

The Gear Fit also includes a few other features that make it ideal for exercise. It comes with a pedometer, allowing it to track how far users walk, a timer, a stopwatch and an exercise history log, which shows users stastitics from their previous workouts. Users can also wear the device to track how long they sleep and how active their body is at night.

Besides monitoring health and fitness, the Gear Fit connects with users' smartphones and relays notifications it receives, ranging from emails and text messages to "Likes" and comments on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.

The Gear Fit can connect with a number of Samsung devices, going back to 2012's Galaxy SIII.

The ability to connect with a users' Samsung smartphone via Bluetooth also makes the Gear Fit useful in case the smartphone gets lost. Users can activate a "Find My Device" feature on the Gear Fit that will cause their smartphone to sound an alert if it is still within Bluetooth range.

Gear Fit users can also control music playing...

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