Review: Many Choices, Indecision with Apple Watch

Of the 13 Apple Watch models I tried over two sessions, the one I liked most cost $15,000. Oops -- where's my raise?

Both sessions at the Apple store began with indecision: What size do I want? Which band do I prefer? I didn't have good answers as my Apple Watch try-on visits started -- at first modestly, with models that cost about the same as an iPhone.

The try-on session typically begins with making an appointment online. If you're looking for a luxury "Edition" made of 18-karat gold alloy, you specify that. Only some stores offer those, including the one I visited on New York's Upper West Side. I bypassed the appointments because Apple's media reps in Cupertino, California, had arranged my sessions. Stores will try to accommodate walk-ins, but appointments are encouraged.

As someone who can't decide what to eat for lunch, I expected to be told which watch I wanted. Sensing my indecision, the employees in both cases picked one just to get started.

I began with a smaller version of the stainless steel case, with a brown leather band called Modern Buckle ($749). The band looks like a leather strap you buckle, but has magnetic clasps. It felt loose, even at the tightest setting. I was told not every band is going to fit every wrist.

I then tried a large stainless steel case with a black leather loop ($699) -- also clasped magnetically, but without the holes you normally see with a buckle. The band comes in two sizes, but only the large one was available for trying. It was too long.

It turns out stores don't have all 54 configurations available for trying out. Most stations have 18 watches to choose from, locked in a drawer that requires a tap from the employee's security device. You get a feel, but...

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