Review: Apple’s New iOS Software Plagued by Problems

Apple's iOS 7 represents the most dramatic update to date of the software that powers iPhones and iPads. It also appears to be one of the buggiest.

When released last month, iOS 7 generally drew rave reviews from tech analysts, including yours truly, who liked its clean look and new features. But since almost Day One, users have complained about a smattering of problems with the new software.

Do a search on Google for "iOS problems," and you'll find a litany of them.

Hackers quickly discovered a flaw in the iOS 7's lock screen that allowed users to gain access to the device without having to enter a passcode. More recently, some users complained that iMessage, the text and multimedia messaging service built into Apple's devices, refuses to send messages.

Apple quickly issued an update to iOS 7 to fix the lock-screen problem, and it told The Wall Street Journal last week it was working on an update to fix the iMessage problem.

But users are encountering plenty of other problems that Apple has yet to address. Many have complained that the new software drains the battery life of their devices or slows them down noticeably.

Worse, many users with visual impairments or motion sensitivity say that iOS 7's new design has made using their phones difficult or even impossible. Some say the new software makes them dizzy or nauseous because apps zoom into view when launched and zoom out of view when they return to their home screens.

Other users -- including two of my co-workers -- have complained that text labels in iOS 7 are difficult to read because they are too small or too faint. And one reader said a family member of his who suffers from some vision loss is unable to use his phone because the new color schemes, some of which...

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