Review: Amazon Fire TV 4K HDR Makes Your TV Smarter

The Amazon Fire TV with 4K HDR is arguably the easiest and best way to play ultra HD content on your TV, condensing what was great about the previous generation into a smaller, cheaper package.

The new Fire TV is no longer a set-top box -- instead it's more like the cheaper Fire TV Stick, hanging off a built-in flexible HDMI cable. It means the new Fire TV can be inserted straight into the back of a TV, hidden from view, and likely powered straight from the TV's USB port.

The downside is that by shrinking the Fire TV down to an 87.1g dongle, Amazon has cut the built-in ethernet and microSD card sockets. The former is available as an optional extra through an adapter, but this Fire TV is clearly more about streaming and less about Android games than the previous generation, so expandable storage is less important.

Plug In, Switch On, Log In

Setup took about five minutes. It comes with a remote (complete with batteries), a USB power adapter and microUSB cable for powering the Fire TV. Some will need the power adapter, others will be able to power it straight from a USB port on their TV -- the USB ports on the Sony Bravia 55XE9005 were capable of powering it playing 4K HDR content.

Once connected the remote pairs up with the Fire TV at the touch of a button and all you have to do is follow the instructions to connect to wifi and the necessary Amazon account -- you don't have to subscribe to Amazon's Prime subscription service, but you can't use the Fire TV without a basic account.

You're then shown an introductory video that guides you through the basics of using the Fire TV and Alexa via the voice remote.

The interface of the Fire TV remains...

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