Report: New Microsoft CEO Stirs Executive Pot

Satya Nadella, MicrosoftEUs new CEO, hasnEUt even broken in his office yet -- but heEUs already shaking up the C-suite. In a move to spur growth, Nadella is shuffling management and putting former political operative Mark Penn in the chief strategy officer seat, according to Bloomberg.

Citing EUpeople with knowledge of the matter,EU Bloomberg reports Tony Bates, who was passed over for the CEO job, is leaving the company and Eric Rudder, the head of advanced strategy, is taking BatesEU job. Tami Reller, the executive vice president in charge of marketing, is also leaving the company, Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela is taking her place.

EUOur industry does not respect tradition -- it only respects innovation,EU said Nadella, who started his career as a member of the technology staff at Sun Microsystems before joining Microsoft in 1992. EUThe opportunity ahead for Microsoft is vast, but to seize it, we must move faster, focus and continue to transform. I see a big part of my job as accelerating our ability to bring innovative products to our customers more quickly.EU

An InsiderEUs View

We asked Rob Enderle, a principal analyst at The Enderle Group, for his thoughts on the shakeup. He told us it appears Nadella is working on key problems he has seen as a company insider.

EUOne of the advantages of an insider is they tend to come into the job understanding what some of the issues are,EU Enderle said. EUThey are in a position to make some critical staffing changes so problems that their predecessor had donEUt fall back on their plate.EU

Former CEO Steve Ballmer, the second-ever Microsoft chief who tried to fill co-founder Bill GatesEU shoes, took a different approach. When he came on board, he essentially tried to run GatesEU Microsoft. Only later did he make changes. Enderle thinks that was a...

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