Report: Google Glass Enterprise on the Way

It will probably never look really cool, but the Enterprise Edition of Google Glass may embrace functionality in a way that could trump concerns about the productEUs notorious dorkiness.

The 9to5Google Web site reported that the new device probably wonEUt be a revolutionary update that many users have wanted. Instead, Google Glass Enterprise Edition will more closely resemble a refined edition of the previous Explorer Edition, with features geared toward the workplace.

The changes to the product will be minor but noticeable, according to sources that are familiar with numerous prototypes that are almost finished. For one thing, Google Glass EE (as itEUs being called internally) will sport a hinge mechanism that lets the computer and battery modules fold down like a normal pair of glasses.

Also, since Google is planning to highlight the productEUs workplace applications, the new Glass will have a more durable build to enable it to survive being dropped and bumped. 9to5GoogleEUs sources also said that the Enterprise Edition will be more water resistant thanks to fewer openings and tighter buttons.

Niche Product?

The computer hardware of the Enterprise Edition will be housed on the right side of the frame, similar to the previous edition, as well as in a small display located in front of the right eye. And similar to the Explorer Edition, the Enterprise Edition will include a band that stretches around the forehead and around the left ear.

While those improvements are promising, will they sway the casual customer -- let alone those who reacted with scorn when Google Glass was first released? We reached out to independent tech analyst Jeff Kagan for the answer to that question. Kagan told us the new glasses will likely be a hit among a small sector of customers. "I don't see it being adopted by the masses,"...

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