Is Apple Supersizing the iPad? Stalling the iWatch?

A larger iPad and imminent release of an Apple iWatch have been rumored for some time. But now, there are new rumors surrounding both. Reports indicate a larger iPad could hit store shelves sometime soon, while a possible iWatch seems somewhat stalled in its tracks.

DigiTimes, a Taiwanese industry watcher that often churns technology rumors, is now claiming Apple has picked its manufacturing partner to produce a 12.9-inch iPad. DigiTimes is also reporting that thereEUs a bidding war among companies that want to manufacture the much-anticipated iWatch.

Quanta, a company that claims to be the largest notebook computer ODM company in the world, has reportedly staked its claim to producing the oversized iPad. Some believe itEUs possible that Apple is planning a tablet-notebook style 2-in-1 device, aimed at enterprise and educational customers.

Keyboard Required?

Apple experimented with different sizes of the iPad in the past, but chose to go smaller rather than larger to compete with the Kindle Fire. AppleEUs iPad Mini with Retina display started selling two weeks ago. It sports a 7.9-inch display and carries the companyEUs own A7 chip with 64-bit class architecture.

EUThe response to iPad Air has been incredible, and weEUre excited for customers to experience the new iPad mini with Retina display,EU said Philip Schiller, AppleEUs senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. EUWe think customers will love both of these thin, light, powerful new iPads, and weEUre working hard to get as many as we can in the hands of our customers.EU

ItEUs not as clear whether consumers would flock to a 12.9-inch iPad. We caught up with Roger Entner, a principal analyst at Recon Analytics, to get his thoughts on the new rumors. He told us if Apple does produce the iPad in such a large format, it would be an enormous tablet, indeed.

EUAt 12.9 inches, we are moving...

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