Red Hat Introduces New Linux OS for Containers

The worldEUs largest open-source software provider just brought a new operating system on the market. On Thursday, Red Hat, known for its enterprise distributions of the Linux operating system, launched its Enterprise Linux 7 Atomic Host OS. The new OS is specifically designed to run the latest generation of applications as Linux containers.

Linux containers are virtualization environments that allow organizations to run multiple isolated Linux systems on a single Linux control host. Containers introduce autonomy for applications by packaging apps with the libraries and other binaries on which they depend.

Container-based architectures can provide more development and deployment flexibility, while simplifying maintenance requirements and maintaining the same level of performance, stability and security as non-virtualized systems.

Enterprise-Grade Linux Containers

The new operating system will provide enterprises with the tools they need to build and run their own Linux containers, according to Red Hat. In addition, the company said its latest OS is built specifically with the needs of enterprise IT departments in mind, with enterprise-grade security, ongoing product upgrades, proactive diagnostics, and access to support.

EURed Hat is committed to offering enterprises a complete and integrated container-based infrastructure solution, combining container-based application packaging with robust, optimized infrastructure that will enable easy movement of Red Hat Enterprise Linux-certified applications across bare metal systems, virtual machines and private and public clouds -- all of this with the product and security lifecycle that enterprise customers require,EU Red Hat said.

The company intends to make Linux containers a reliable component of enterprise IT across the hybrid cloud. Because the Atomic Host OS is based on Red HatEUs Enterprise Linux 7, the company said the new OS benefits from the previous operating systemEUs stability and maturity, and also gives it a large ecosystem of hardware partners.

Addressing Security Concerns

But despite the increased flexibility provided by...

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