Rackspace Launches Free Docker-based Container Service

If you donEUt mind a little beta testing, you can get your hands on RackspaceEUs Carina container service for free as of today. The company said the new service will allow you to create managed clusters for running containers in the cloud using OpenStack technology, at the OpenStack Summit going on now in Tokyo.

Rackspace said Carina is an easy-to-use and instant-on native container environment built on Docker Swarm and Docker Engine technology. Carina allows customers to create and deploy clusters for their containerized applications faster than they can on their own. As a EUzero infrastructureEU environment, Rackspace manages the infrastructure and Docker environment on behalf of its clients.

Quicker Cluster Design and Deployment

Carina aims to offer developers a quick way to design and deploy clusters for containerized apps. According to Rackspace, container technology is one of the fastest-growing software development tools in the computing industry today. The technology offers multiple benefits, including improved application portability across development, test and production environments.

Containers consume a fraction of the compute resources of typical virtual machines, allowing for near-instant availability, application scaling and increased application density, allowing customers to save time and money.

EUCarina makes it fast and simple to start a Docker Swarm cluster,EU Nick Stinemates, VP business development of Docker Inc., said in a blog post. EUYou can get started in under a minute and pull images into a cluster straight from Docker Hub, or leverage existing Docker tools and plugins. This is exciting as it builds on and partners with our existing community and ecosystem. The focus on container developer experience is paramount and theyEUre showing a commitment to it.EU

Bare Metal Performance, Virtual Machine Price

One of CarinaEUs chief selling points is that it allows users to deploy containers on top of bare metal servers. Bare metal servers...

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