Qualcomm’s Toq Smart Watch Available Dec. 2

As smart watches slowly acquire the attention of consumers, a company that is normally behind the scenes, Qualcomm, has announced release plans for its Toq smart watch. We have known about the Toq's existence and even some of its features since September, but until now pricing and availability were not specified.

Qualcomm's announcement revealed that the watch will be available Dec. 2 and will be competitively priced at $350. Among its features is Qualcomm's full-color Mirasol display, which uses reflected light like daylight as its primary light source rather than LEDs. The Mirasol screen should be much easier to read in the bright light of day and sap less power than a typical LED display.

A New Competitor

The Toq is only one of many smart watches coming onto the market this year, and once 2014 comes, there will likely be more than a dozen smart watches to choose from. Unlike some of the early watches on the scene, the Toq does have some interesting features that set it apart from the rest.

Unfortunately for a large portion of the market, the Toq is only compatible with Android phones, and Qualcomm recommends that users have a smartphone with the latest version of Android as well.

Along with its screen (something that definitely puts the Toq above the Galaxy Gear and others), the device will also be capable of wireless charging. The Toq's WiPower LE technology will be used for easy wireless charging, a feature that is becoming common among many new consumer electronics devices.

Outside of the features already mentioned, Qualcomm's Toq is relatively similar to the Galaxy Gear and other smart watches which are already available. For the most part, the watch will be used to accept/reject calls and receive notifications from the smartphone it is connected to. These features are obviously...

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