Polyera Breaks Mold with Flexible Display Product

Electronics manufacturer Polyera has just rolled out the first flexible display product that offers weather forecasts, headlines, e-mail and just about anything else a smart watch offers.

Ten years in the making, the Wove Band features a flexible display that can either be flat or wrap around a wrist. ItEUs all based on Polyera Digital Fabric Technology, which the company bills as a set of materials, tools, and knowledge designed to make possible the production of flexible electronics at scale.

EUOver the past decade, Polyera has been conducting deep R&D on the physics and chemistry of electronics, which has allowed us to enable the manufacturing of disruptive components, such as truly flexible displays,EU Phil Inagaki, founder and CEO of Polyera, said in a blog post. EUIn recent years, we further expanded our capabilities to solve the engineering and design challenges around incorporating such novel components into products which would provide new and meaningful experiences to users.EU

Is This a Breakthrough?

Polyera seems to be solving a persistent problem in this breakthrough arena. The company said that most attempts to manufacture flexible displays have relied on traditional electronics materials, such as silicon, being deposited on plastic substrates. That may be why it hasnEUt worked.

Although using traditional materials allows electronics makers to develop products with fixed curved screens, they are so brittle that itEUs nearly impossible to use them in flexible products. Polyera takes a totally different approach with its Digital Fabric Technology and proprietary electronic materials that allow for bona fide flexible displays that can be manufactured in traditional display fabrication plants without massive investments. The company even paves the way to integrate the flexible displays into products with its engineering and design solutions.

EUWove is a device with an active-matrix display which can literally change shapes in the userEUs hands, a dream which has...

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