Podcast Episode 53: WordCamp US 2019 Preview from St. Louis

Mark and Kathy connect in person on Halloween in St. Louis to talk about what’s happening at WordCamp US. We review what’s new at WCUS, some of the more interesting sessions, and all of the fun activities Wordfence is bringing to North America’s largest WordCamp. Kathy and Mark also tear down the 4th wall to talk to award-winning Director Sean Korbitz, the creative force behind OPEN | The Community Code, the movie about the WordPress community that premieres Saturday, November 2.

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  • See Jen Swisher on St. Louis local news talking about WordCamp US 2019.
  • Check out the WordCamp US 2019 livestream.
  • The WordCamp US full schedule.
  • Watch the Open trailer before November 2, or the full film after November 2 on open.film.

You can find Mark on Twitter as @mmaunder and Kathy as @kathyzant.

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