Plantronics and Avaya Expand Contact Center Integration

Avaya and Plantronics want to improve the customer call center experience for their clients, so they're expanding their partnership to help make that possible. Their new co-development initiative seeks to ensure better compatibility and tighter integration between the two companies?EU? products and services.

If it works, the plan would result in more functionality for call center staff using Plantronics headsets in conjunction with Avaya?EU?s Chrome-based contact center apps. Among the new features would be the ability for call center agents to move seamlessly between voice, chat, e-mail, and SMS communications with customers.

Helping Call Center Staff

?EU?The number one requirement our customers look for is simplicity and ease of use,?EU? said Mark Monday, vice president and general manager of Team Engagement Solutions at Avaya, in a statement. ?EU?Increasingly, our customers come to us asking how Plantronics and Avaya can collaborate to create a better engagement experience. Through this partnership, Avaya and Plantronics are integrating multichannel collaboration capabilities with business processes and applications for an effortless engagement experience for our customers.?EU?

The expanded partnership could be good news for call center staff as well as the customers they serve. Indeed, 71 percent of contact center leaders reported that difficulties with systems and inefficiency of tools are top contributors to agents?EU? workday stress, according to a recent survey by the International Customer Management Institute. The report also noted that being equipped with the necessary resources to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently had the greatest positive impact on the performances of call center agents.

?EU?Both Avaya and Plantronics share a common vision to provide an improved communication experience on joint solutions, which we believe delivers value to our customers,?EU? said Joe Burton, executive vice president and chief commercial officer, Plantronics, in the statement. ?EU?The co-developed solutions will help streamline access to multichannel communications,...

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