Pivotal Aims at Oracle Database Business with Open Source Tech

Software company Pivotal is taking on OracleEUs traditional database business with its latest effort to advance open source. The company is contributing both HAWQ advanced SQL on HortonworksEU Hadoop analytics and MADlib machine learning technologies to The Apache Software Foundation (ASF).

The contributions aim to deliver an Apache Hadoop-native analytical database through ASF so enterprises can leverage parallel data processing technology that is known to work in business-critical, high-throughput environments. In other words, an open source alternative to traditional database vendors like Oracle.

Gavin Sherry, vice president and CTO of Data at Pivotal, said the company's HAWQ and MADlib tech will bring EUunprecedentedEU SQL processing capabilities and know-how to Hadoop developers and users. Is that an overstatement? That's unclear, but the fact is that it wonEUt happen over night.

Accessing New Use Cases

Apache HAWQ offers ANSI SQL compliance, a scale-out massively parallel processing architecture, query optimization, multi-tenant awareness, low-latency interactive ad hoc analytical query capabilities, and integration with business intelligence and visualization tools. HAWQ launched in 2013 and since then has helped define a key enterprise application for Hadoop -- advanced SQL analytics.

Meanwhile, the MADlib is a collection of scale out, parallel machine learning algorithms integrated with HAWQ. Pivotal developed MADlib in partnership with University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, the University of Florida researchers and its own customers. The finance, automotive, media, telecommunications and transport industries have used it.

EUHortonworks has always strongly supported open source software and the power of the community to advance innovation,EU said Scott Gnau, CTO of Hortonworks, in a statement. EUEnterprises can use HAWQ, an HDP YARN-ready and certified application, to tap into their existing SQL skills to explore new use cases while accessing a single cluster of data in PHD and HDP.EU

What About Enterprise Customers?

Apache HAWQ can execute algorithms in parallel and natively inside any Hadoop...

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