Pinterest Ramps Up Shopping Efforts

Tracking down a T-shirt or a pair of shoes you see someone wearing on the street could become as simple as snapping a photo through Pinterest.

About a year after releasing a buy button on its mobile app, the tech firm's executives said Tuesday that they're doing more to make shopping easier for people who use the social bookmarking site.

"We think buying is the very last step of shopping," Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann said in a speech at the company's new office.

"When people go on Pinterest, they're constantly looking for new ideas and those ideas and inspirations often lead them to go buy something at a later time," he added.

Noting that people switch back and forth from shopping on their smartphones and on a desktop, Pinterest said that it is introducing buyable pins for the web, a shopping bag and improving a mobile tool so it automatically detects products in images posted to the site.

The company is also testing a camera search tool that allows people to snap a photo of a product in real life and find that object or visually similar ones on Pinterest. People would tap a camera icon on the site's search bar to do so. The feature is expected to be introduced in the coming months.

"Nobody else has really done this yet," said Dmitry Kislyuk, a software engineer in the company's visual search team. "What we're building lets you just walk into a room and get recommendations and results from everything and every object that you see."

Social media sites such as Facebook have been making a bigger push into e-commerce this year, unveiling new features such as chatbots to help people find and buy products from retailers.

But Pinterest users browse the site to find inspiration for fashion, events, recipes and more, so businesses may have an...

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