Parallels Remote Desktop App Comes to iPhone, Android

Business owners and employees may no longer have excuses for not being productive when theyEUre away from the office. ThatEUs because Parallels has extended Parallels Access, its remote desktop access app, to the iPhone as well as Android phones and tablets.

The Parallels Access 2.0 app lets companies centrally assign, manage, and secure remote access to their computers. It lets users run full Windows applications on their iPads -- and now iPhones and Android devices -- by connecting remotely to Macs or PCs, eliminating the need to carry around bulky laptops.

Because iPad business users were so enamored by Parallels Access when it was first released in August 2013, the company decided to offer the same solution to Android and iPhone users.

A Touching Experience

EUWhile traditional remote desktop products are trying to show a large desktop on a small mobile device, we worked hard to make remote access from mobile devices a truly simple and effective experience,EU said Jack Zubarev, president of Parallels. EUWith this in mind, Parallels Access enables people to interact with full-featured Mac and PC apps with touch gestures just like the apps were made for their iPhone, iPad or Android device.EU

Laura DiDio, principal analyst of ITIC, said that Parallels Access is a must-have mechanism to remotely access your Windows or Mac applications and files from your tablet or phone.

EUIts breakthrough EUapplificationEU technology transforms desktop applications and integrates native mobile features and functions so they are fully usable with touch gestures as though they were made for your mobile device,EU she added.

DiDioEUs bottom line: Parallels Access is the industryEUs best Windows and Mac remote access application. EUParallels Access is a reliable, fast and intuitive experience that finally makes mobile devices effective productivity tools,EU she said.

Lots of New Features, Too

In addition to the new platforms, Parallels Access also offers Facebook...

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