Over 225,000 Apple iPhone Accounts Hacked by New Malware

In what could be the biggest Apple hack ever, more than 225,000 valid iPhone accounts have been compromised and thousands of certificates, private keys, and purchasing receipts stolen, according to a new report from security company Palo Alto Networks.

The firm has identified 92 samples of a new malware in the wild -- and itEUs targeting the iOS family. ItEUs called KeyRaider and it appears to be the largest known malware-related Apple account theft in iOS history. Criminals aimed to use the information to download applications from the official App Store and make in-app purchases without actually paying.

EUKeyRaider targets jailbroken iOS devices and is distributed through third-party Cydia repositories in China,EU Palo Alto wrote in its report. EUIn total, it appears this threat may have impacted users from 18 countries including China, France, Russia, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Israel, Italy, Spain, Singapore, and South Korea.EU

Information Security Apathy

We turned to Kevin Foisy, chief software architect and co-founder of security firm Stealthbits Technologies, to get his thoughts on the event. He told us hackers often play on the human element and this breach speaks volumes to public awareness and apathy toward information security.

EUEvery IT security person knows that cracking an iPhone exposes users to unnecessary personal risk but the bigger picture unfolds when that iPhone connects to a resource inside the place of work,EU Foisy said. EUDespite security measures, the user just beamed the hacker inside the secure walls of their workplace.EU

Mobile users often get frustrated with various limitations that vendors place on their smart devices, said Lane Thames, security research and software development engineer at advanced threat detection firm Tripwire. Indeed, there are cases where we can all agree that limitations might have gone too far, especially if the EUlimitationEU is actually done for the vendorEUs...

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