Ouch! Apple’s Spaceship Campus Is So Full of Glass It Hurts

There's a saying about people who live in glass houses, but what about people who work in glass offices? Apple employees working at the company's new spaceship campus are running smack dab into the new digs' glass walls and doors. According to a couple of reports, some of them have cut themselves doing so, although there's no official evidence of any injuries on OSHA's website.

Some well-meaning employees have gone as far as to place Post-it notes on the panes as a low-tech warning, Bloomberg reports, but that brings to mind another saying: Beauty is pain. Those sticky pieces were paper were taken down at design-minded Apple.

MarketWatch obtained records showing that a couple of employees' cuts were bad enough to "warrant calls for local emergency services in the early days" of the campus. But the records showed the cuts weren't serious enough to warrant hospitalization.

The shiny new Apple campus in Cupertino, which Santa Clara County Assessor Larry Stone estimates may have cost up to $5 billion to build, was completed last year, years after Apple co-founder Steve Jobs pitched the spaceship headquarters to the city council in 2011.

The walls employees are bumping into are 45-foot-tall panes of curved glass, as described by Wired's Steven Levy, who got an exclusive tour last year, and the pods they work in are also made of "a lot of glass," Bloomberg says.

CEO Tim Cook said this week at Apple's shareholders meeting that the public wouldn't be allowed into the secretive company's campus. It's probably just as well, if you want to avoid a bump on your head.

Apple has not responded to a request for comment Friday.

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