Oracle Marketing Cloud Adds New Omni-Channel Mobile Capabilities

One of the biggest challenges marketers face these days is keeping track of customer behavior across multiple channels and devices. Oracle is hoping to help with that by adding new mobile capabilities to its Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Those new capabilities, rolled out earlier this month, include an enhanced mobile Data Management Platform (DMP) that helps to link multiple identities across platforms and devices to a single customer. The update also lets marketers more easily send links, coupons and other notifications to better engage with mobile customers.

For business-to-business marketers, the updated Oracle Marketing Cloud enables users to access customer profiles and "digital body language" data -- that is, information about customer activity across the Web, email and social media sites -- on their mobile devices, and keep track of how customers are likely to respond to emails or Web pages across mobile phones or tablets.

'Significant Hurdles' to Omni-Channel

"(W)hile today's marketers and advertisers realize that mobile marketing should be a key component of their overall marketing mix and cross-channel strategy, they face significant hurdles to do it right," Chris Lynch, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Oracle Marketing Cloud, wrote in a blog post earlier this month. "One issue is around identity. As consumers use a mobile device, they create different identifiers depending on whether they log into an app or browse more anonymously on the mobile Web."

A joint study by the CMO Club and Visual IQ late last year found that problems with siloed data and inadequate technologies are the top omni-channel strategy obstacles named by marketers. Of CMOs surveyed for the study, 85.6 percent said they experienced trouble because customer data was either unavailable or spread across multiple silos, while 84.6 percent said they lacked appropriate tools and 82.2 percent said they couldn't measure cross-channel performance or ROI....

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