Oracle Intros Cloud-Native, Smart Security Management Suite

At Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco this week, the company announced availability of its new cloud-native, intelligent security and management suite, which it describes as an "industry first." The new set of tools are designed to help enterprises predict and eliminate cybersecurity threats and to help resolve problems related to infrastructure performance.

The new offerings include the 'Oracle Management Cloud' and the 'Oracle Identity Security Operations Center' (SOC) portfolio of services. They use artificial intelligence, operational telemetry, and automated remediation to quickly adapt to evolving cyber threats.

With its advanced machine learning capabilities, the new Oracle services are intended to ward off hack attacks and security breaches, and reduce the detection window from months to minutes.

Management Cloud

As security threats continue to become more sophisticated and damaging, organizations need to take a fresh look at their security and management from the ground up. So says Oracle's Prakash Ramamurthy, senior VP of Security and Systems Management, who points out that "siloed enterprise approaches" to security and management are no longer sufficient.

The goal for Oracle's new tools is to make network security as seamless as possible for the enterprise customers. The solution is a powerful, cloud-native suite that combines a comprehensive, unified data tier with intelligence provided by purpose-built machine learning. "The suite provides value in minutes," Ramamurthy said, "and can scale to become the nerve center of an enterprise's security and management efforts."

To ensure its machine learning algorithm has the right data needed for producing accurate, actionable insights, the Oracle Management Cloud can handle "massive raw data ingest" as well as "context-based enrichment" -- plus, the all-important, automated remediation capabilities. In combination, Oracle says these capabilities help make its Management Cloud an ideal solution for securing and managing complex enterprise networks.

Planning and Orchestration

The new 'Oracle Management Cloud' suite includes the Standard Edition...

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