OpenStack Juno Release Brings Big Data to the Cloud

A new version of open-source cloud computing platform OpenStack became available on Friday. The latest version, Juno, features over 3,000 bug fixes, with upgrades to the way it handles big data applications and network function virtualization (NFV).

Other new enterprise features include storage policies and a new data processing service that provisions Hadoop and Spark. According to OpenStack, Juno will include 342 new features. More than 100 companies contributed to Juno, which builds on OpenStackEUs previous Icehouse codebase. The release comes only a few weeks ahead of the OpenStack Summit, scheduled to take place in Paris on November 3-7.

Data Processing for Hadoop and Spark

EUThe Juno release continues a trend in which the projectEUs twice-annual releases have focused on stability, operational improvements and performance, reflecting the growing number of users who are running OpenStack in production,EU the organization said in an e-mail announcing the latest version.

Of particular interest to enterprise users will be the addition of a data processing service, known as Sahara, to deploy Hadoop and Spark. Hadoop is an open-source framework for storage and processing of big data sets, while Spark is a data analytics framework for cluster computing that works with Hadoop. Both are projects of the non-profit Apache Software Foundation. All services are available through open APIs and a Web-based dashboard.

Sahara automates provisioning and management of big data clusters using Hadoop and Spark. According to OpenStack, big data analytics are a priority for many organizations and a popular use case for OpenStack. The new service will allow OpenStack users to provision needed resources more quickly, according to the organization.

Storage Policies and NFV

Also new in this release, are storage policies for object storage. Storage policies give users more control over cost and performance within their storage environments, OpenStack said. Storage policies allow enterprise deployers...

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