Office 365 Tops Salesforce as Most-Used Cloud Service

Among the 2,500 customers that use Okta's online identity management services, Microsoft Office 365 is now the most-deployed cloud application in the world, beating Salesforce for the first time since Okta began tracking such usage in 2012. That's one of several striking findings about cloud application use revealed in the company's inaugural "Businesses @ Work Report," released today.

The report also found that a company's size no longer indicates how many cloud apps it might use, and that enterprise apps can quickly grow wildly popular . . . and can just as quickly lose ground in today's fast-evolving market. Companies are also surging in their uses of new Web sites, portals and other cloud-based applications to engage with customers, partners and contractors, Okta reported.

Okta, whose name comes from a meteorological term used to describe the extent of cloud coverage in the sky, provides identity management-as-a-service products to make it easier for businesses to manage login and authentication tasks on the Web. Founded in 2009 and led by co-founders Todd McKinnon, CEO, and Frederic Kerrest, COO, the company is based in San Francisco and serves customers that include Adobe, LinkedIn and Western Union.

Software Continues To 'Eat the World'

"Work is happening everywhere, and Okta has a unique vantage point into the cloud and mobile apps and services that organizations are choosing to help their employees, customers and partners be more flexible and productive," McKinnon said today in a post on the company's blog.

The new report looked at usage patterns among the 4,000 pre-integrated applications that Okta provides access to. Those apps include Amazon Web Services, Box, DocuSign, Dropbox, Office 365, Salesforce, Sharepoint Online, WebEx and Zendesk. The company said it manages millions of authentications and verifications for those apps around the world every day.

"As software continues to eat...

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