Nokia Launches $249 N1 Android Tablet

It may not have its name on Lumia devices any longer -- Microsoft acquired those rights when it snapped up Nokia's Smart Devices business unit for $7 billion -- but that doesnEUt mean the Nokia brand is missing from the mobile device marketplace. The Finnish company just announced the first Nokia-branded Android tablet.

The N1 sports a 7.9-inch laminated display in a 6.9mm tablet design that you can hold in one hand. The tablet is powered by a 2.4Ghz Intel Atom quad-core processor and runs the Android Lollipop operating system. Although some news reports are making comparisons to the iPad, itEUs doubtful that the N1 will take Apple down.

EUThe iPad is the standard setter for consumer tablets and therefore everyone wants to hold themselves up to it,EU Avi Greengart, an analyst at Current Analysis, told us. EUThe challenge for any Android tablet vendor is that Apple has, generally speaking, a lead not just in technology and design but in apps and content.EU

Not Really Nokia

Nevertheless, the Nokia N1 will give the market its best shot when it debuts in China in the first quarter of 2015 for $249 before potentially expanding into other markets. The tablet will come stocked with the predictive Nokia Z Launcher interface, which lets users scribble a letter or two to find their content.

ItEUs important to note, however, that Nokia isnEUt actually manufacturing the device. Nokia is just licensing its name to an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner thatEUs building, distributing and selling the tablet. Nokia, however, did have a hand in the design and owns the Z Launcher software layer and other intellectual property used in the process.

EUJust like other brands have sold the rights to their name to other vendors, whether thatEUs Polaroid or Kodak or Calvin Klein, what you are seeing here...

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