Nielsen: Two-Thirds in US Now Own Smartphones

How Americans spend their spare time has radically changed in the past five years, with smartphones beginning to take up even more time than game consoles. Some 65 percent of Americans now own a smartphone, up from 44 percent two years earlier, and they are more common in the American household than cable.

The trend toward mobile devices has been accompanied by a drop in desktop PC sales, which has also resulted in businesses needing to focus on mobile ads rather than regular banner advertisements. PCs may not be dead, but as Microsoft attempted to do with Windows 8, future desktops will likely have more in common with smartphones and tablets.

Hispanics Are Ahead

The Nielsen Digital Consumer Report for 2013 not only showed a continuing shift toward smartphones but also revealed that Hispanics are ahead of the curve. Despite a significant wealth gap between Hispanics and whites, Hispanics now spend more time on mobile devices and game consoles than the average American.

"Hispanic consumers have rapidly adopted multiple screens into their daily video viewing routines and represent 47 million traditional TV viewers in the U.S. and growing," Nielsen said. "Latinos adopt smartphones at a higher rate than any other demographic group and watch more hours of videos online and on their mobile phones than the average American."

PCs Are Not Dead

While the numbers continue to shift in favor of tablets and smartphones, both laptops and desktops are still being sold and they are still used by a large portion of Americans every day. The current decrease in PC sales has resulted in smaller earnings reports for some companies but it has not removed PCs from homes and businesses.

We asked Jeff Kagan, an independent technology analyst, for his opinion on Nielsen's report and what it means for the PC market. He...

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