NFL Games Are All Going Online, But Watching Won’t Be Easy

For the first time, every single NFL game will be streamed live this season. But watching them all won't be easy.

In general, it's great that the NFL and its television networks are finally taking this step. Last year, most games televised on CBS weren't streamed at all.

Things are much simpler this season: All games will be streamed live, regardless of the network. But it's still tricky to figure out where to find them online, and in many cases you'll need pricey cable or satellite TV subscriptions to actually watch them.

Here's a stream-by-stream guide to catching all the online pigskin you can.

Network Streams

In general, Sunday afternoon games air on CBS and Fox. Sunday night games air on NBC. These games are free if you catch them on TV with an antenna, but to watch any of the networks online, you'll need to pony up and get a cable or satellite TV subscription. Even then, you'll be limited to hometown-team games plus a few other contests your local station broadcasts. If you want more games, you'll need a DirecTV Sunday Ticket subscription.

CBS made a few online games available for free last season and might do so again this year, but most of its games will also require a cable or satellite subscription. The $6-a-month CBS All Access online service isn't true to its name in this case; it won't get you the games.

Meanwhile, ESPN owns Mondays, while the NFL Network cable channel televises all Thursday games. You can watch online if you're already paying for a TV package that carries these channels. But some of the Thursday games will end up on CBS or NBC as well -- but to stream those games for free, without a TV package, you need to go to Twitter instead (see below).

The NFL Network is also...

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